Protected Cruiser Askold

Askold had its keel laid on July 20, 1899 by the Germaniawerf in Kiel, Germany, He (Russian ships were considered male) was launched on March 15,1900 and commissioned in 1902.  The Russian protected cruiser Askold’s five long, slender funnels gave him an easily recognizable and unmistakable outline.  Because of these five funnels, Askold was known as the packet of Woodbines.  This was more than a passing importance, at a time when funnels were equated to power.

Indeed there are stories of warship captains rigging dummy funnels prior to visiting distant ports in order to impress the locals.  But Askold wasn’t built just for show.  His slender lines gave him a speed in excess of 23 knots which was very impressive for his time.  Askold saw action in both the Russo-Japanese and First World Wars.  Askold was overhauled in France and Britain between 1916 and 1917.  In December of 1917, Askold came under Bolshevik control in the Arctic and in1918 was captured by British forces and taken to Gareloch, Scotland and renamed Glory IV.

During 1921, the British government offered to return the ship, but a Russian commission viewed the ship and decided not to accept the offer, due to the poor condition the Askold was in.  Askold was scrapped at Hamburg, Germany in 1922.

Askold had a complement of 565 and was 433 feet long and 49 feet wide.  Armament included twelve 5.9”/45 main guns, twelve 3”/50 secondary guns, and four torpedo tubes (one bow, one stern and two beam).  His power was 20620 ihp supplied by nine boilers and three triple expansion steam engines turning three screws.  Askolds top speed was 23.6kts and his range was 6500NM @ 10kts.

Fine Art Models

Askold is certainly our most complex ship model to date.  I think we chose to do it as a challenge and not necessarily because of its popularity.  However, since it was introduced, it has become one of our most talked about models and, at the Nürnberg Toy Fair, it was clearly the hit of our exhibit.  The model has 33% more parts than any other ship we have built to date and therefore, is a very limited edition.


Protected Cruiser Askold

Scale:                            1:96

Release:                        2003

Limited Edition:              12

Model Size:                   54”L x 6.5”W x 19.5”H

Base Type:                    Black Walnut

Base/Case Size:           60”L x 9”Wx 21”H

Availability:                    Sold out