Pennsylvania Railroad B6sb 0-6-0

The most successful switcher ever built by the Pennsylvania Railroad was the B6.  While there were many variations of the B6 built between 1902 and 1926, the 238 sb versions built between 1916 and 1926 proved to be the most popular, and remained in service well into the 1940s.

Most people familiar with Fine Art Models will say that our Norfolk & Western Class A is the finest example of a train model every built.  And we would have agreed.  Until now. 

We are proud to introduce the B6sb Switcher.  We have packaged every feature from our Class A (digital, authenticity of “every” sound made by the locomotive, operating reversing gear, engineer controlled lighting, whistle, bell, and, with the sealed bearing drive system, only one ampere of power to move it) into the little B6sb locomotive.  We’ve included three circuit boards, sound board, speaker, and reversing gear – all with no wires leading from the locomotive to tender - just the prototypical hoses. 

But the operation of this model is the most fun. Seeing and hearing this piece of art move down the rails is quite an experience. The automatic features of our sound system have the B6sb making the exact same sound as the real engine including chuff, blow down, pop off valve, idle steam sounds when not moving, and random starting and stopping of air compressors.

The engineer-controlled features include:

•    Headlight

•    Marker and Tender Lights

•    Cab Light

•    Automatic and Manual Whistle

•    Grade Crossing Whistle

•    Automatic and Manual Bell

•    Sound of Water filling the Tender

•    Sound of Coal being Loaded

•    Sound of Coupling Action

•    Air compressors

The model is made entirely of brass, nickel silver and stainless steel (as always, no plastic!).  Our digital system allows you to run the model on a track or on a roller base.

Pennsylvania Railroad B6sb 0-6-0

Scale:                            1:32

Release:                        2005

Limited Edition:              30

Price:                             $7,500

Model Size:                   32”L x 6.5”W x 4”H

Base Type:                   Black Walnut

Base/Case Size:           36”L x 10.5”Wx 10”H

Availability:                    Please call or email for availability