Our Swedish boyer yacht model is an edition of five (5) models built to world championship standards.  It is a design of Fredrik Henrik Chapman, born in Gothenburg, Sweden September 9, 1721.  To this day Chapman is considered one of the greatest shipbuilders ever to live.  He is also the first known naval architect to use scientific principals in the design of his ships.  Up until this time, a designer would build a builder’s model based on the experience of sailors, and then hand the model to the shipyard to be built (there were no plans as we know them today).

Today, Chapman’s plans survive because of the book he published in Stockholm, Sweden more than two hundred years ago called “Architectura Navalis Mercatoria.”  Proof of Chapman’s work is rendered not least by the fact that his “Architectura” ran into many editions and, combined with his “Tractat om Skepps-Byggeriet” (Treatise on Shipbuilding), completed several years later, has been translated into many languages all over the world.  Chapman died August 19, 1808 at thee age of 87.

The Chapman ship models we built are builder’s models with exposed bulkheads to show the method of construction.  Furthermore, Chapman was a master of embellishment with his wonderful placement of carvings on his ships.  The combination of the world-class carving on our ship models makes them part of that top 1% of all ship models, as it is far more than an exercise in patience and skill.  It must be in the blood to reach to these levels and it is felt just by viewing the model - it is the same spirit and commitment felt when you look at a Chapman design.

Chapman Yacht

Scale:                            1:6

Release:                        2003

Limited Edition:              5

Model Size:                   30”L x 8”W x 29”H

Base Type:                    Black Walnut

Base/Case Size:           34”L x 12”Wx 31”H

Availability:                    Sold Out