Flat Car


Pennsylvania Railroad FM Flat Car

The FM flatcar was the workhorse of the Pennsylvania Railroad.  Fine Art Models has captured every detail of this freight car, making it the finest Gauge 1 freight car ever offered.  Consider these features:

•    Working Brakes

•    101-Piece Real Wood Plank Deck

•    404 Miniature Plank Bolts

•    Complete Underbody Detail

•    Ball-bearing Journals

•    Operating Journal Box Doors

•    Working Truck Springs

•    Operating Couplers

•    Complete Graphics including Underbody

•    Unique Road Numbers

The first flatcars, now sold out, were produced in US Army markings with two M5A1 light tanks plus crated accessories and spares, as well as in PRR markings with tanks.  Subsequent loads included tractors, wood, conduit, cable, wheels, or naval anchors.  Twin flatcars were offered with a 16-inch naval gun for an Iowa-class battleship and 80-foot girder bridge (which can also be purchased separately).  

Please contact us for more information about loads, pricing, and availability.

Pennsylvania Railroad FM Flat Car

Scale:                            1:32

Release:                        1991

Limited Edition:              300

Model Size:                   16”L x 4”W x 6”H

Base Type:                    Mahogany

Base/Case Size:           18”L x 6”W x 8”H

Availability:                    Sold Out

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