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World War II Sub-Chaser

During World War II, the focus of the wartime navy was on giant aircraft carriers, cruisers and destroyers.  The relatively small wooden sub-chasers did not receive much attention.  Manned largely by reservists, these ships of the splinter fleet remained relatively unknown except to those who served on them. Yet these 110-foot warships, with their crews of 30, performed critical tasks for the navy wherever there was action.  They led landing craft right into assault beaches, protected them from enemy fire, fought off air attacks, swept for mines, laid down smokescreens and patrolled the seas for enemy submarines.  And they did all of this without any of the crew comforts found on the larger ships they supported.

In an era of mass-produced steel hulls, the sub-chaser was carefully, and lovingly, built of seasoned juniper, by shipwrights and craftsmen at the Calderwood Yacht Yard in Manchester, Massachusetts.  She had clean lines, a sharp, high bow, and a pilothouse with a flying bridge above.  A stubby 3-inch gun was mounted forward, and twin depth-charge racks at the stern.  There were quarters for her 27-man crew forward and aft, and for her three officers, below the pilothouse.  The after crew’s quarters doubled as a mess hall, with the galley just forward in the same compartment.  Below, power was supplied by twin 500 hp diesels, and all the way forward was a double rack of launchers known as mousetraps that could hurl eight fast-sinking, contact-firing projectiles 200 yards ahead to rupture the pressure hulls of enemy submarines.

About the Model…

Fine Art Models’ has built this limited edition Sub-Chaser model in a scale of 1:32 with exacting detail, including doors that open to reveal a complete cabin interior and projectile launchers that can be raised and loaded into firing position. 

Each Sub-Chaser is built by a team of eight (8) of the most skilled craftsmen in the world, with more than 300 man-hours just to assemble.  Computers were used to generate exact scale drawings from the original plans.  All of the materials used to construct the ship meet and/or exceed museum quality standards including a space age, high definition hull, photo-etched wood deck, and a completely fabricated brass superstructure. In addition, all of the paint used is custom-made and impervious to ultra-violet light.  As with all Fine Art Models, the Sub-Chaser scale model comes complete with a Black Walnut base and leaded glass display case.

World War II Sub-Chaser

Scale:                                1:32

Release:                            1995

Limited Edition Models      13

Price:                                 $7,500.00

Model Size:                       41”L x 8”W x 17”H

Base Type:                        Black Walnut

Base/Case Size:               44”L x 12”Wx 19”H

Availability:                        1 available