RMS Titanic

If there were one ship model in the world to build, it would be RMS Titanic.  Why?  Because it had never been modeled before.  The plans for Titanic had never been released to anyone prior to our expressing interest in doing it.

We approached Harland & Wolff in Belfast, Northern Ireland, who built the Titanic, and proposed that we not only build a definitive model of the Titanic as a limited edition, but that we also build the 1:48 scale builder’s model of the Titanic, which was never built, and do so with the intention of building the finest and most detailed builder’s model of any kind ever seen.  When Harland & Wolff realized that not only were we serious, but that we had the ability to do everything we said we would do, they agreed to work with us hand-in-hand to accomplish this mission.  And a mission it was!

We began our development in late 1995 and only in December 1998 was our first model complete.  The objective was to build both the limited-edition model and builder’s model with the same level of detail and do so with absolutely no compromise.

How far have we gone with these models?  You’ll see every minor change made to Titanic from the Olympic, which was first in class.  You’ll see these changes because we have a copy of the designer’s notebook for Titanic with every change detailed with drawings, measurements, etc.

Both the 1:48 builder’s model and 1:192 limited-edition models have hulls made from high-definition resin, with real wood decks containing every detail found on the real wood decks and hand-fabricated brass from the decks up.  The builder’s model will tour major marine museums worldwide.  Many of our limited-edition models have already been ordered by museums for their collections.

RMS Titanic 

Scale:                            1:192

Release:                        1999

Limited Edition:              50

Model Size:                   55”L x 6”W x 15”H

Base Type:                    Black Walnut

Base/Case Size:           62”L x 14”Wx 18”H

Availability:                    Sold Out

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