New Bedford Whaleboat

The New Bedford Whaleboat was a light (500 to 600lbs.), swift craft, 28 feet long and 6 feet wide and double ended so that it could reverse direction quickly and easily.  It carried a crew of six and more than 1,000 lbs. of gear and equipment.

Whaleboats were highly specialized craft and became fully developed and standardized very early in their history. In fact, the whaleboat is perhaps the earliest example of the American idea of mass production. 

Each boat builder had a set of forms around which boats were built.  These forms were patterns of the inside cross-sections of the boat at different points, or stations, and the planking of the boat was bent around these forms.

Fine Art Models

Fine Art Models has produced an exact 1:16 scale model of the New Bedford whaleboat.  It is a real boat in miniature, complete with every piece of equipment found in these boats during the mid-1800s—oars, harpoons, coiled line and many other specialized fittings and pieces of equipment.

Each boat is hand-made of double plank-on-frame cedar, just like the real boats, and the ship’s hull section with davits provides an excellent display either in its stowed position—hanging from davits ready to be lowered into the sea—or in a lowered position alongside the hull.

A section of the hull is mounted on our display base, but it can also be removed from the base and displayed independently, or the whaleboat can be displayed by itself with sail raised or oars in their oarlocks.


New Bedford Whaleboat

Scale:                            1:16

Release:                        1994

Limited Edition:              50

Model Size:                   23”L x 5”W x 15”H

Base Type:                    Black Walnut

Base/Case Size:           26”L x 7”Wx 17”H

Availability:                    Sold out