Soviet Ronis Class Submarine

  • Scale:                            1:50
  • Release:                        1995
  • Limited Edition:              18
  • Price:                             $3,500
  • Model Size:                   43”L x 5”W x 13”H
  • Base Type:                    Black Walnut
  • Base/Case Size:           48”L x 7”Wx 14”H
  • Availability:                    Sold Out

Soviet Ronis-Class Submarine

Due to the popularity of the 1:50 Lenin-class destroyers, we thought it would be fun to produce another Soviet ship from this early period.  We chose the 1926 Ronis-class submarine with its swing-out deck-mounted torpedo tubes.  Each submarine features a high-definition resin hull and brass construction from the deck up.  Both forward and aft torpedo tubes are mounted flush with the deck on pivots—they rotate into firing position on our model as on the original ships.  You can also see the serrated bow for cutting underwater cables and the twin screws, which are offset from one another fore-and-aft.

In the course of building this model we discovered that the former captain and chief engineer were still alive and arranged a meeting with them.  As a result, each model comes with a signed 8″x10″ photograph of 91-year-old Captain Hugo Legzdinsh and 94-year-old Chief Engineer Rudolf Grigulis.